What We Do

Data Analytics

At Qube Space we deal with structured and unstructured data. We help our Clients to organize and visualize their data to improve and compete with modern trends. Our Data Analytics include Data Collection, Data Cleansing, Data Visualization and more.

Data Processing

Our Expertise work on tools to gather and manipulate data, summarize them into meaningful information. We primarily focus on Data Conversion, Data Mining, Web Research, Data Validation and Extraction Services.

Form Filling

In database context, a form is a primary window or screen that helps in feeding information into a database or to create a database. Our Experience includes transforming paper based information into System or Online Based, which makes it more automated.

Digital Marketing

At Qube Space, We help promote services, products, brands through one or more forms of Electronic Media. Our services include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Ads and more.

MS Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation has always been a good way to convey pieces of information usually in the form of an outline to a large audience. We create such presentations that are appealing to users and informative.

Transcription Services

With over 300 hours of audio/video files transcribed, our expertise are highly trained in understanding context, accents and following technical jargons. Our services include transcribing audio, video, webinar, interviews, meetings, etc.

Our Skills

Business Process Outsourcing